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    I need some help with writer's block and I was hoping to get some help from the group...

    Before I begin I want to warm that the following will have spoilers for Tome of Power, so if you have not played it (or ran it) read no further.

    My players are clamoring for a sequel adventure to Tome of Power. To be fair the original adventure went FUBAR pretty bad. I was playing not running but I am going to be running the game further because reasons.

    Due Alyxia's interference Kyxil's spell of legend never was successfully cast, so we ended in a running battle with Alyxia and the Coalition thinking we'd gotten Kyxil on our side. Of course he had no intention of joining us so at the end of the battle he got ahold of the Meganomicon and flew off without so much as a, "So long and thanks for the book!" Alyxia was dead, our let line walker lost an arm, and we were forced to retreat from the Coalition. All in all a complete disaster.

    For the sequel I was going to have Kyxil have used the Meganomicon to restore his powers and erupt a volcano. Having done so he has decided that he should be the new Baron/mayor of the Barony of Charity and remake it in the image of Hope and Lazlo in order to show Plato the good he can do with the book. In order to do so he has threatened the town of Charity and it's mayor to surrender control of the barony or he will turn the nearest mountain (which the town is at the base of) into an erupting volcano and bury them like Pompeii.

    That's where all my ideas end. Please help me further flesh out the adventure.