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What might Greater Teleport look like now?

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  • What might Greater Teleport look like now?

    The teleport power has been significantly modified in the SWADE book. Does anyone have a prediction for how the Mega Power version, Greater Teleport, might be modified to fit with this new verion of the power?

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    Greater teleport just doubled the range of teleport and made it easier to take passengers.
    I'd go with 24" / 48" for the distance, base cost 2 PP.
    The Additional Recipients section is unclear. Is that +1 PP per extra passenger or is it +1 PP to affect every character within Smarts range? That last one seems pretty broken, so the intent is probably +1 per extra passenger - in which case, greater teleport could be upped to +1 per 5 extra passengers.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Maybe it will be something like the version in SPC2.

      Spend extra power and minutes of concentration to cross the globe?


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        Or perhaps spend PP to "send" someone via Teleport, rather than accompany them?


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          Pretty sure that is already allowed by the Teleport Foe modifier and the rules for sending other people in the last paragraph.

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        It's so crazy different. Old teleport, as we all know, was that you'd declare your PPE/ISP expenditure, roll the AB Skill (or Spirit if a dragon), then a Success gets you ten inches away for every 3 PPE/ISP spent while a Raise gets you 15. Then, Greater Teleport would double that and raise the cost to 5 PPE/ISP per increment, and increase the number of passengers (who have to be in contact with the caster) to five before Fatigue sets in.

        Now, this new SWAdE teleport costs 2 PPE/ISP, goes 12" on a Success or 24" with a Raise, can be used on an apparently limitless number of others at a Range of Smarts, friend or foe, with no penalty or consequence apart from spending the PPE/ISP to do it.

        Now I'm wondering, given what Freemage said above, if, in fact, casters are assumed to be teleporting along with anyone on whom they've cast teleport. I was previously assuming, based on the wording, "…the caster decides where they move to…" and "…are sent up to 12" away with a success," that the caster could pop someone else closer or away while remaining stationary or perhaps teleporting somewhere else themselves.

        I'm hoping that gets clarified some.

        I wonder if Greater Teleport for a SWAdE version of Rifts could look sort of like this:

        Power Points: 5
        Range: Smarts x 2
        Duration: Instant
        Greater Teleport extends the distance to 24" or 48" with a Raise, and targets' rolls to resist being teleported against their will are at -2.