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    As Rifts had hatchlings as young as a few hours old, what breaks if a hatchling starts at Size +3 or so and increases Size by one with each advance? What breaks if the player has the option to choose what size between +3 and +6 their hatchling starts at based on their own preference of age? Regardless, growing a size with each advance up to +6 puts them at the proper size no later than the end of the Novice Rank.

    Narratively, consider that the random aging and growth on the Palladium tables means that only 20% of new hatchling PCs have the potential to reach the average age they reach 80% of their adult growth (and stop growing until adulthood about 600 years later). A comment speaks to the possibility of the party seeing dramatic growth in the hatchling. That said, a Savage Rifts hatchling is not necessarily this young, Rifts's tables limiting the character to a maximum of 7 weeks old.
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    The only thing likely to 'break' from that is the Hatchling himself--he'll have 4 less Toughness and reduced Strength until those first Advances are cleared, on top of not having Hindrance-based Advances until the end of the third session. This is a drawback with no particular upside, other than when engaging vehicles or big armor units in combat (since MoS rules will make the dragon slightly harder to hit than it would've been). It's a drawback that goes away fairly quickly (depending on how much XP you give out--5 per session means he's full-grown at the end of session 4, while 2 per session means he won't reach full size until the beginning of session 11).