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Come Join us for Savage Rifts Play by Post

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  • Come Join us for Savage Rifts Play by Post

    I will be starting a play by post game in about a month on based on the Sean Masters podcast Voice of Hope. I am here to recruit interest in Savage Rifts and see if anyone would be interested in a play by post.

    You can listen to Seans amazing Podcast at

    If you want to play sign up at and start creating a character. If you have questions or want help, then simply ask as you will find the community very friendly and welcoming.

    The 99 - From Hope To Action

    A recent contact in the field has been able to get us messages of several opportunities to help others in the field. Beacon will continue to send out his reports, but do to the diverse nature of those reports we will need a highly mobile team. A team capable of giving a Last Hope to those in the direst of needs.

    Trouble Shooters Needed, Are You The One They Need?

    Qualifiers: The following attributes are highly desired for service in the 99

    To apply for this team you will need to show several strong traits.

    A 99 needs to show a willingness to prioritize helping others above personal profit and comfort.

    A 99 will be expected to spend long periods of time away from Castle Refuge with little support.

    A 99 will be need to be able to solve problems in the field with little or no support from Castle Refuge.

    A 99 will need to have the self-control to be reliable for their team mates, quickly responding to orders and adapting to complex situations.

    Disqualifiers: The following attributes will disqualify an applicant from the selection process.

    Applicants with a history of vengeful or bloodthirsty actions will not be acceptable.

    Applicants with major physical disabilities preventing them from field operations will not be acceptable.

    Applicants who have shown an inability to follow orders in stressful situations will not be acceptable.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    The 99 will be a series of adventures based on the podcast generated by Sean Masters under the moniker of Beacon Titled “The Voice of Hope”. Each mission profile will be based on the podcast and players will be expected to listen to the initiating episode as each mission is triggered.

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    There are over 68 - 70 something Characters being played in about 11 groups at

    Come join us!

    PbP (Play by Post) is an excellent way to get your Savage Rifts On!


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      Just curious, how is die-rolling handled? Through a remote die-rolling site like PBE Games: Dice Roller?

      Or is there a built-in die-roller in the website?

      EDIT: Ah, I see there is an onsite die roller.
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        Yup, onsite dice roller, and it has the advantage of 'locking' the rolls--you can't edit one out without being a GM, but you can edit additional text or even more dice rolls into a post that has rolls in them, and it just keeps the original results. So if you Ace five times, the only downside is that you have to keep pressing the "Edit" button on your post.

        Also, we have a lot of fun. I'm told that that's important.


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          Great News, while this game filled up there are other games on the site open and accepting new players, as well as a willingness to create new sessions when we need them so if interested please come.


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            There are still three games with spaces left on the site and new games are always being created