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ShaCon 2017 - Guest of Honour

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  • ShaCon 2017 - Guest of Honour

    Last weekend I was Guest of Honour at the inaugural ShaCon – the UK’s first dedicated Savage Worlds convention. What a great time had by all. Held in the Garrison (an old army gaol made of sandstone, replete with tower and old cells), an excellent venue used for several other UK Cons. Lots of great games on offer and good gang of enthusiastic players.

    There were five slots throughout the two days:

    Slot 1: Mad MaxX (by me) – I set this up as a Hell On Earth scenario, with an ambiguous Warlord sweeping all before him and the characters trying to find a way to stop him for good. I used some identities from the Netrunner LCG for the PCs, using Anarch identities to inform the style of the characters.

    Mad MaxX Mean, straight razor toting woman, the baddest thing on four wheels.
    The Hammer One-armed bandit with a sledgehammer and penchant for smashing. And Nancy, the goat.
    Adam Human-ish cyborg thing with a set of Directives that aren't fully documented
    Red Queen Former Cutter for The Warlord, katana-wielding biker ninja
    Gandalf Big-boned Junker, who turns scrap into weird science - the brains of the operation

    Slot 2: Black and white samurai movie action with J0rdi, one of the con organisers. Despite the players spending what seemed to be an inordinate amount of time over a pub brawl, our plucky band eventually got going with the missions. Nice bits of Japanese myth thrown in got me all excited for running something similar in future. I was particularly delighted with having ROF 3 unlimited shuriken.

    Slot 3: “The Sun Never Sets” - Venusian Jungles adventure (by me). Another good set of players, with everyone happily getting into their respective roles and eventually defeating the nefarious plots of the Prussians and Belgians. I took some notes from Space 1889, but largely this was a scenario taken from classic British colonialism, with a dash of Jules Verne, Bronte and many other influences in a mish mash of pastiche. Plus dinosaurs.

    Professor Challenger, preeminent scientist, physician and inventor
    Miss Penny St. John-Smith, of many hidden talents and yet, no husband!
    Flight Lieutenant Ralph Featherstonehaugh, flying ace, and celebrated duelist
    Dirk Stryker - Colonial big game hunter and famed explorer
    Corporal "Nobby" Bodger - only British survivor of the infamous Lost Plateau Treachery

    Slot 4: Deadlands with Pete, a fellow member of The Smart Party. My Huxter failed to make and successful Deals With the Devil and was ultimately Puppeteer’d into killing half the posse, but we at least freed the town of Little Prospect from a dodgy sheriff and his gunmen, before all dying lonely deaths up in the mountains. I kind of want to play the sequel where a new set of characters roll into town to see what happened to the last lot…

    Slot 5: Hellfrost (me again). Entertaining romp on an ice ship into the wilds of Rassilon. The use of Extras in games is something I’ve been trying more and it was worth it here again as Saexwulf (quickly rebranded Sex Wolf by the amorous Captain) became the crew’s favourite, heroically rescuing the ship and generally looking amazing; while the rest of the Extras withered away in defence of the player characters.

    Branwen ap-Patris Noble merchant, captain and adventuress, has cast off her family in search of her own destiny
    Gautrek the Small Iron Guild mercenary from Vestmark, welcomes food and coin, in that order
    Edwin Frostkiller Ashen Blade of Kenaz - paladin of the volcano god, eager to smite the servants of the Hellfrost
    Garth Farsight Elderly Arcanologist, wishing he was less boastful and nearer the warm fire of the library
    Konsta Flinteye disposessedFinnar nomad, and thirsting for vengeance on the Hellfrost and those who betrayed him

    I had a lot of fun with my games, going for a sandbox approach – a map of the area with interesting stuff on, a vague mission or objective, and some “bangs” at the ready to get things moving if the players got stuck.

    Excellent socials before and after the convention, with informal gatherings of people chatting about games (or anything else) and sampling the special ShaCon beer there was a barrel of!

    I certainly hope it runs again as it was a great time had by all. Many thanks to Paul, Tony and Glenn for organising. Definitely be there for the next one!