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    1. As an adult epileptic with various seizures, i am curious about medical assistance if needed on the cruise. I don't want to ruin anybody's fun creating a disturbance.

    2. In the cruise ship rooms, are there those continually flashing fire alarm systems found in hotels? In the bathroom of the rooms?

    3. wasn't Belize a warzone just a little while ago, with a new questionable gov't?

    I don't have a facebook account to join the group.
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    For the first two questions, reach out to Kimberly Smith at Gamer Adventures ([email protected]). She's the travel agent coordinating the cruise and is best equipped to answer those questions.

    For the third, I'm not sure what you're referring to? In November the conservative party in power (United Democratic Party) lost the election to their center-left party (People's United Party), but as far as I'm aware it was a smoother transition of power than the US elections. At the moment, the US State Department has a COVID-19 travel warning (which we're hoping won't be an issue in early 2021), but nothing about any regional conflicts. Maybe you're mistaking the explosion in Beruit? That wasn't any sort of military action but rather the detonation of stored materials at the port due to ignored safety regulations.


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      Perhaps the OP is confusing Belize with Belarus?


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        I will reach out.

        Probably. My world news knowledge is lacking.