Greetings savages. This isn't a con it's a celebration of our 1 year anniversary we are calling our FGC Founding Day Festival (a virtual event we are starting). We would love to invite all of you to join us. We plan on having games, live streaming and even just some hanging out chatting about games.

Who are we... Fantasy Grounds College (FGC) is a group of experienced and highly-motivated individuals who volunteer their time to teach others how to use Fantasy Grounds and how to play various rulesets. We strive to give our students the tools they need to become a better FG-user, player and DM/GM.

Even if you aren't able to attend the event feel free to drop on into the server if you are looking to learn mpre about how to use Fantasy Grounds as a Virtual Tabletop.

Date: July 27-29th
Sign-Up info for GMs: Join our discord and ask a staff member how to sign up
Questions: Any staff member on the discord server will help answer your questions