Howdy folks,
Lone Star Game Expo is a new convention in the Dallas - Fort Worth Area focusing on RPGs, Board Games and Wargaming. This will be our second year and we expect to grow to 300 attendees.

We will be hosting a Savage Saturday Night at the convention and looking for both GMs and players.
The event will feature prizes, special guests and some good Savage fun

LSGE runs from September 7-9 and the Savage Saturday Night specifically will be on the 8th starting at 6:00PM. There will be time set aside for meeting some of the guests, chat with fellow Savage Worlds gamers, and to win some prizes.

This year we are featuring special guests Sean Robertson (Pinnacle Entertainment’s Savage Worlds Rifts®) and Jonathan M. Thompson (Battlefield Press’s Gaslight Victorian Fantasy) and hopefully more to come.

Date: September 8th 6:00PM
Sign-Up info: In the event listing you will will see the SSN games labeled under the RPG category.
GMs: When registering your game please indicate that it’s for the “Savage Saturday Night” and select the appropriate drop down.
Contact info: Jeff at [email protected] with any questions

We would love to see you there!


If anyone else has hosted similar events and have any suggestions/feedback please feel free to reach out to me