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  • Con On the Cob 2018

    Who is planning to attend Con On the Cob this year? Anyone running any Savage World events?

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    Yes to both. I have not submitted them yet, but for the moment a couple of sessions of Savage Baldurs Gate using the NPCs from the video game is running through my mind ("Buttkicking for Goodness!")
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      I am planning on going again this year, and will probably be running two or three savage events. I hope to have them submitted in the next few weeks.
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        I'll be running two or three things a well … and remembering to check in here this year. :-)


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          I submitted 2 events today:

          Friday Evening 7-11pm - Last Parsec/D&D - Return to the Barrier Peaks

          EZ 215-C has long been a mystery to us. It was first discovered 140 years ago when the JumpCorp Collector Ship (“JCCS”) Argos crash landed there while doing a survey for “interesting life forms.” Our efforts to rescue the crew proved futile — whatever mysterious forces that brought down the Argos threatened to take down any other ship that entered within its gravity well. Since that time, the whole solar system has been off limits except for a few long-range survey teams.

          Professor Ixis has developed a shielding mechanism that will protect a small ship that enters into EZ 215-C’s gravity well.He has secured a number of volunteers and funding from JumpCorp Science and Research Department. There are high hopes that we can study this planet closer and see what has led to its unusual bio-diversity.

          Saturday Evening 7-11pm - Weird Wars Star Wars - As the Worm Turns

          “Brothers, we are going back to planet of our first bloodying – Geonosis. The Bugs have been busy while we have been elsewhere. Its time to clean out that nest once and for all!” – Mission Briefing by Rex before the second battle of Geonosis.

          Pick up your blaster and get to gunning down Bugs and Clankers in another installment of Weird Wars Star Wars!

          Left is Death!


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            Your events are not listed yet Jeff, but it's only been a few days. I have to get my events entered in the next couple days. Regardless, to try and coordinate (avoiding the overlaps from last year), I'm trying to keep a list of all the Savage Worlds Games at CotC. Let's see if it works. List your games here, and I'll hopefully get them on this list, before they are on the CotC Event list.



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              There was a post from Chrystal on FB today that they are catching up on a slew of submissions.

              The link you posted (at least for me) has google docs / dropbox crossbreed that spits out a bunch of code (I tried Chrome and Explorer).
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                Odd … it's a Excel spreadsheet in Dropbox. It opened for me, but I was using Edge. Dropbox changed something a little over a year ago, but I thought it was still working. I'll give it a try in Chrome as well, but I have to remember my password first. :-)

                Edit: Works fine for me in Chrome as well.
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                I've added two events, and will likely add another short one Sunday morning … and maybe something Thursday Evening as well, if no one else does.

                Friday Morning 9:00-1:00: Ug See Big Thing that Fly [Kronocalyse Prelude]

                You live easy life, hunting dinosaurs, sharpening spears, trying to master fire. Then "Big Thing That Fly" came. Like animal bladder floating in sky, but bigger than Apatosaurus. Funny men use magic spears of fire and thunder. Attack the People of the Big Cave and People by the Lake. Some died. Many taken. Now, you save your people from the "Big Thing That Fly."

                Saturday Morning 9:00-1:00: Herne's Olla [Weird Wars Rome]

                There is something unusual about he men who attacked your Castra. For one thing, not all of them were Celts. Your Contubernia, or what's left of it, has been tasked to track them back and find out where they came from ... before they return and attack again.
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                  I registered my events back in June. They just got up this week. The person in charge of scheduling has been in the hospital.

                  Friday Afternoon 3:00 - 7:00: Ill Wind In Illinois

                  Dateline: Small town America, 1932. The heart of the Midwest. You’re just passing through. What could go wrong? A pulp Savage Worlds adventure.

                  Saturday Morning 10:00 - 1:00: Fight of the Flying Wing (Savage Showdown)

                  Egypt 1936. The Ark of the Covenant is in the hands of the Nazis. Can you recover it before they fly it out? . A Savage Showdown adventure set in a classic pulp setting.


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                    I will be going to Con on the Cob. As of right now I am running a Savage Worlds game Friday night at 7:00pm.

                    The Mook Effect
                    -you play a bumbling wanna-be mobster trying to keep the rival mob out of your boss's turf. It is meant to be tongue and cheek (although that does not mean its not dangerous!)

                    Please sign up or stop by. I would like to put some faces to names from here.

                    Forged Goo (Vince)

                    PS: I have run a number of Savage games at Origins and Gen Con so you may have been in one of my games (Funkytown - a detective crime story where you play animated "stuff"; Gabe Stone "Adventurer Extraordinaire" and others)

                    PSS: I would be totally up for a pick up game Saturday or Sunday, of what ever game we could come up with - and I would be happy to run it if needed. Let me know what you think.


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                      I'll add those to the spreadsheet, as well as checking the latest on the CotC site. I do have the Flying Wing there already.



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                        I've added a Sunday morning event … I like to do a two hour parting shot adventure, before we all leave. I'm not sure I could fit it into two hours, so I started it a half hour earlier than I want … though maybe I should ask to have it moved to 10:00 AM, and potentially run until 1:00 PM?

                        Sunday Morning 9:30-12:00: Carrion Call [A Victorian Penny Dreadful]

                        A young noble's dying wish leads you to an old mansion, but things may not be as they seem. Can you help put his soul to rest?



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                          I did submit two events, but they're not on the schedule yet:

                          Home Is Where You Hang Your Helm: Friday, 1 PM The world of men has soured against you and your sister Amazons. Even now, Queen Hippolyta is in a desperate struggle to hold back the Greek forces who threaten to wipe you from the face of the earth. However, a prophecy has foretold of a promised land far beyond the edge of the world where the Amazons can make their home, now and forever. Are you brave enough to face the terrifying unknown?

                          The Goon - Da Greates’ Show On Erf!: Saturday, 1 PM. Hey, ya mugs! Strap on your brass knuckles and holster your gat, The Goon's got a job for ya. See there's this jamoke lurking around Lonely Street, and word is he's got something to sell. Is it worth The Goon's time to make an offer? There's only one way to find out!


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                            Mine are up - 1107 (Barrier Peaks) and 1108
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