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  • Fantasy Grounds for Savage Worlds Fantasy

    I'm not really sure where this question should go but this seemed like a likely one. I'm thinking about trying VTT gaming and Fantasy Grounds was the front-runner option given its extensive support of both Savage Worlds and Pathfinder. Now that PF 2e has been announced, I would just be focusing on SW for testing the Fantasy Grounds experience as it doesn't make sense to invest in PF 1e if 2e is coming out in 18-24 mos.

    For Sci-Fi, I would be covered as I run Last Parsec & Sci-Fi Companion without much modification.

    For Fantasy Grounds users, is it pretty easy to customize/tailor a fantasy Savage Worlds experience? Or would I have to pick a setting and stay within its boundaries? In other words, assuming I purchase the appropriate packs, can I selectively mix elements of Lankhmar such as edges, hindrances, and spells, with core Savage Worlds or does Fantasy Grounds "lock" me into Lankhmar-specific rules. There isn't a right or wrong answer, here, I'm just curious how Fantasy Grounds supports things.

    Tabletop affords the flexibility of kit-bashing multiple Savage Worlds sources into a customized or tailored experience. I presume that Fantasy Grounds, doesn't have that flexibility, but it isn't clear from their site or the videos I've watched.

    FYI, the reason I'm asking these questions here is I want Savage Worlds-centric answers vs. Fantasy Grounds-centric answers.

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    The only place you could run into trouble is if you are using two setting that add the same thing, but with differences. For example, two different settings could have an Edge or weapon with the same name that worked differently. You can get around this by building your own module with a copy of just the Edges and gear you want from the various settings. It's not hard and can be done directly in the interface, but you have to put in the time and effort to create it. I'm doing that right now for a Traveller game I'm working on, pulling from both the SFC and Seven Worlds. Otherwise, you have to let your players know which Edge or weapon of the same name they should take and double check their character sheets to make sure they didn't take the wrong one.

    A more extreme example is trying to use both the Fantasy Companion and the Realms of Cthulhu setting as the basis for a horror game. Both add the derived stat for Sanity and you end up with two Sanity boxes on the character sheet. That's not something you can fix in the interface, so you'd have to dig into the XML to address it.