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Hi all. I'm checking in

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  • Hi all. I'm checking in

    I haven't been on in a long while, but have been following most everything on FB.
    My gaming group took a pause a couple years back and went to board games.
    I got most of the KS but just haven't had the group to play. Then 2020 hit and, well, ya know...

    I'm working on starting up a new group and seeing if they are interested in SW; especially NE.

    Now to actually read SWADE. ;-)

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    Welcome back.


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      Howdy Marshal! Glad you're back. I'm a new GM as well. I've been away from Role-Playing for about a decade. My neighbor who moved in across the street last year ran a 5e game. I played for a while. But my main jams were DC Heroes. I played D&D forever and then moved on to the Superhero Game. When starting we first decided to play DC Heroes. Having seen all the support D&D got with the website and all, I wanted a game that was supported. I looked at everything. EVERYTHING. And when I discovered Savage Worlds I was quickly sold. Got the group on board and now I'm playing my first campaign. We also started running an OSR fantasy game for the Grognards at the table to show the younger role players the roots of the game. But that's another story.