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Malformed dice, how?

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  • Malformed dice, how?

    I've bought a few bulk bags of dice. Other than paint chipping, divots or cracks, I don't think I've ever received a die that was actually malformed/misshapen. But when I read reviews, some comments mention exactly that. I'm wondering how that's even possible, given how dice are molded. The only thing I can think of is that the dice are still soft when removed from the mold, and settle.

    Otherwise, there's not a lot of info on the Internet. In one place, they mention that the plastic can't begin to deform until at least 200f, much hotter than a car can get.

    What are your thoughts?
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    While theair temperature would be lower, some surface (like the dashboard) inside the car can go up to the 180-200 degrees farenheit range under optimal conditions. So not that far-fetched. And not all dice are created equal, especially if you deal with lower-end online vendors.