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Weirdest Edges and Hindrances?

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  • Weirdest Edges and Hindrances?

    So reading through wider Savage Worlds books, third parties etc., such as Savage Rifts and the Suzerain Legends core book. Mainly research but also to try and get the creative juices flowing!

    I noticed a lot of the Edges and Hindrances like Living Banner (Suzerain), Stutter (Suzerain), and World Scry (Rifts) though very cool and useful for gameplay they’re all very serious.

    Question - What’s the weirdest/funniest Edge and/or Hindrance you’ve come across in ANY TTRPG? Or what the weirdest/funniest one you can make-up whilst keeping it playable?

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    Low Life has a bunch of humorous Edges, such as having a huge bouncy arse or being able to use your stomach to hold items. Low Life also adds a Hindrance level beyond Major called "Doozie", worth a whopping 4 points; having no arms or legs and not being able to move faster than Pace 1" is one such Hindrance.

    Saga of the Goblin Horde is similarly humorous, with giant beefy arms, a huge nose, or pungent B.O.


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      Another from Low Life is called Compensating for Something, which gives you a bonus to Spirit rolls whenever you're wielding an oversized weapon.
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