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    Who plays what, if at all? Why do you like or dislike them? How much of an influence do you see them having on our table top, or vice versa? I know us players, GMs, and organizers occupy the gamut when it comes to games, so I think this would be a fun and interesting way for me to start participating in forum goodness (especially since forums are allowed on my work computer, where as discord servers are not, lol)

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    I don't play as much video games now as I did 10-15 years ago. I don't even own a current gen (PS4 /XB1 /Switch) console, and my 360 "red-ringed" for it's third and final time a couple years back.

    But, yeah, I played video games a lot as a teen and into my twenties. I like all styles, from platformers to puzzlers, but I generally gravitate toward single player RPGs. I think that's because I was into Table-Top gaming long before I leaned heavily into video games.

    Sometime in the mid-80s I received my first choose-your-own-adventure book, by Steve Jackson (of Games Workshop fame, not GURPS/Munchkin). Well, I was hooked and needed more, so I went to the library with my brother to find more books by Steve Jackson and quickly got him confused with the "other Steve Jackson." A happy mistake as that eventually lead me to TTRPGs.

    Have video games influenced my table experience? Sure, I guess. I mean we always bring our experiences with us, right? So I think in some ways the action on the screen (game or movie) helps to shape the way I describe scenes unfolding in a campaign. Pop culture references are always fun ways to spice up a game.


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      I am still a gamer. Right now, I am playing Shadow of War. It gives me all sort of ideas for Hellfrost, where there is a good part of a country overrun by orcs. I play a bit of Elder Scrolls Online and Neverwinter (online) as well. The former is more of a stopgap until the ES game comes out. The latter is cuz its free and it keeps me in touch with some of the big stories WoTC is putting out these days.

      When I run something for younger gamers (like in their 20s vs. the old fart that I am) video game references are most likely to resonate with the crowd. For example, Mass Effect has a better chance explaining Last Parsec than Star Trek (the original series) does.

      Left is Death!