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  • Deadlands Classic For sale

    I apologize if this is not the place or if we can even post things like this

    I have a 90% or more of Deadlands Classic books and adventures Need to go through figure out what all i have but i know its almost everything that came out for it.
    Sadly at the time my RPG group was not interested in Playing it so it basically sat on my bookshelf unused.

    My wife and I are about to move cross country and we are purging things we dont need.

    Living in Charleston WV there is not a big resell or collectors market here.

    Figured i would post here to see if there was anyone at all interested in working something out for this collection of Deadland Classic.
    I dont even know if any would want it.

    If anyone is interested please let me know. I can provide a full list of what i have and ill send pics of everything so you can see conditions and what not.

    I would really hate to just throw this stuff out.

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    I think I may be interested, but I would have to have a list of books you own first.


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      I'm working overtime the next couple of days at work. If you give a couple of days to get a complete list together I will be in touch.


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        Phoo - I'd be quite interested in Smith & Robards, if you have it. It's the only DL Classic book I don't have a print copy of - mine was water-damaged beyond saving due to a leak in my old apartment. I really want to replace it...shoot me a message with your asking price!


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          Actually, and I know this is a bit late, I happen to have an extra copy of Smith & Robards for DL Classic. Still interested?