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Legends Awaken Five Year Anniversary

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  • Legends Awaken Five Year Anniversary

    Fans of Shaintar can hardly forget SPF's epic 2013 Kickstarter. Or, the Collaborative Campaign, Justice and Life, that spawned from there. For the last five years, what began as J&L has grown and changed. Now Legends Awaken, the Collaborative Campaign encompasses all of the setting in the Suzerain Continuum.

    My group started in late November 2013 and has continued on the regular ever since. We have grown into a large 9 member party, and kept exacting and accurate records of every adventure, every game since our founding.

    Now, we are preparing to celebrate 5 years in this amazing global community. In the run up, I have been posting Character profiles, faction information, death tributes, and even art from our adventures. If you enjoy epics of love, honor, and sacrifice, I think you will like this.

    The Legend of Wolf Haven

    In the time before Olara, when all the lands were wild, the western tribes between the mighty Forges and the forest nation of the elves lived free on the plains hunting and moving with the migration of the animals. It was these first who discovered the horses thundering across the lands and it was they who domesticated the wild mustang and bred them to work with man.

    A great mutual cooperation was born for on the back of the horse, there was but one beast that threatened the tribes and their herds. The Wolf. Mighty, intelligent and swift, the great wolves of the forest and plains hunted the same game, claimed the same lands and soon, a great struggle erupted between man and wolf.

    Many on both sides died as hunter became hunted. Until the day one man tracked a mated pair deep into the foothills of the Forges. The pack was well known and greatly feared among the men of the land and many horse and rider had fallen to their hunger. Now, there were but two left of the once great pack, the Alpha male and female. For days the man tracked them, knowing that they too hunted him.

    The pair were cunning and lured the hunter into a trap which nearly claimed his life, but he was the greatest hunter of his tribe and he managed to wound the male, piercing his side with a barbed arrow. Immediately the pair retreated deeper into the hills. Sensing victory, the man tracked them, slowly growing closer, but as he hunted, he began to wonder why the female did not simply flee? Certainly, staying with the male would spell her doom, but their tracks remained together, almost as if she were holding up her mate, giving him strength to walk.

    When finally the hunter found the pair, the male was nearly finished, and yet the female remained, standing silent vigil over his body. She did not flee, or show any sign of fear. Rather, she seemed resigned to he fate knowing her death was at hand and she met it with quiet resolve and honor to her beloved. She met death…as a warrior.

    The hunter was moved, looking into her eyes he saw a depth of wisdom that the elves have long known but humans so oft fail to see. In that moment, he saw her not as a beast, but as an equal, a creature of Life beautiful and ancient. Laying down his bow and knife, he knelt before the wolf, opening himself to attack. Yet she did not move, seeming to sense his meaning. Carefully, he crept forward, as he had seen wolves do until her was right in front of her. Again, she did not attack.

    With the greatest care, he removed the arrow from her mate’s side and used all his lore to heal the wound. Though he knew his attention caused pain, neither wolf attacked nor showed any sign of aggression. Then, having done this, he backed away slowly, then rose and, leaving his weapons behind, returned to his tribe and spread the knowledge of his tale.

    He implored his people to understand the wolf, to respect their claim upon the lands, their ways. In time, others lowered their bow and the great hunts ended. In the fullness of time, after the hunter had risen to lead his people, he was alone one night, standing watch, when he sensed a familiar presence. There the she-wolf stood in the light of the moons, silent and watchful. The hunter bowed to the lady, showering her the respect of one chief to another.

    That was the last he saw of her, but in time, the attacks upon the men of his line ceased and they soon realized that the wolves only took the weakest and sickliest of horses from their herds, stock whose afflictions oft eluded even the great lore of the breeders. In this way, the horse of his tribe grew strong and healthy and the power of his people reached fullness. Upon their mighty mounts, the horse tribes of the plains were unified under the banner of his people and became renown for their skill, bravery, but most important, wisdom and respect for the land.

    In 1748, when Banrick Olar made his stand at the Forges, the horsemen of western Olara rode to his banner laying down their lives to protect their home. For their service, their lands are granted them by charter and they take the name Wolfhaven, so that their children might never forget the history of their people.

    To this day, no man, woman or child of the Wolfhaven line, nor those who show proper respect for the Life Spirits of the Great Forest or Golden Plains need fear the wolves. In truth, the alpha of any pack is respected by the Wolfhaven line as equal in the eyes of the Ascended. The greatest crime in their culture, even greater than the killing of a horse, is to harm the great wolves. And it is to the respect for Life, and the place of the wolf in the natural order of things, that the Wolfhaven’s owe their power and the health of their horse herds.