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[Online][Pathfinder for Savage Worlds][Weekly, Thursdays, 7PMish EST]

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  • [Online][Pathfinder for Savage Worlds][Weekly, Thursdays, 7PMish EST]

    Ire of the Storm (could be persuaded)
    Game System: Pathfinder for Savage Worlds
    Day of the Week: Thursday, playing weekly
    Time: 7 PM EST (3ish Hours, could shift depending on players)
    Number of players: 3 - 5
    Experience required: None
    Voice: Discord, VTT: Foundry

    Pridon's Hearth is Sargava's newest colony, pushing the country's borders further south than ever before and attracting treasure-hunters, fortune-seekers, and troubled souls hoping for a fresh start. But unnaturally powerful storms rock the tiny settlement just as the local lizardfolk tribe declares war on the colonists within. Are these threats somehow related?

    Looking for players that (1) Can show up consistently (2) aren't dicks (3) have the PDFs so you can make a character (4) consider it a priority to make the game fun for all.

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    Heya Todd! Are you still looking to get this game launched? If so, I would be interested though unable to start until later in October.