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  • DC Savages?

    I see there was a Facebook group for Savages in the DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland area. Anyone still in the area?

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    Yeah I’m in Falls Church. I dont have a group currently, although I’ve been thinking about trying to find one or set one up.

    I always say that I’m willing to play pretty much anything (or try it at least), but Savage Worlds is the only thing I’ll GM.


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      I am in Arlington for roughly the next year. I have a group that I play with every Monday night online from my home state. But, would like to either find an existing game or create a group of players that would meet on the weekends, probably somewhere like Huzzah games. I have run plenty of games and would also GM. I really like to use miniatures and props, but don’t have much in the way of those things here at the moment. So would probably have to be more theatre of the mind.


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        Hello,. I actually put together the DC savages Facebook group, unfortunately there was not a lot of interest. The other weird issue I ran into is that a lot of stores only supported known games. I tried to put together demos, but they didn't know me or the game system so they were not really interested.



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          That’s unfortunate that you couldn’t get support from local shops and gather interest. Savage Worlds is the only RPG that I play and would like to find a group or players that would get together to play every once in awhile in person somewhere while I am in the area.


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            I would be up for starting a SW group in the area if we can scrape together enough players. Huzzah is out in Ashburn, right? That should be fine, although we also might be able to find something more centrally located too. Victory Comics in Falls Church maybe.

            Two years ago, I was on the verge of trying to set up a SW group with a bunch of people from, but then Covid hit and in-person gaming was off the table. I may recontact some of those people and see if they're still interested.


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              Yes- if you could find a couple more I would be willing to give a session at a store a try