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    I'm looking to run a SWADE: Deadlands game on Roll20. No experience in the system is necessary. In fact, it will be a learning experience for all of us. I'm new to Roll 20, and new to SWADE (not Deadlands or tabletop RPG's though).

    That out of the way, A synopsis:
    You and your posse are looking to head west for greener pastures and better opportunities, but are stuck in Topeka, Kansas with not enough money for a train ticket out. Carriages and hired help for travel have been exorbitantly priced due to an unusual number of outlaws and other things waylaying travelers just outside city limits.
    Just about out of options, you meet a stranger named Mr. Poole who offers you a job working with the U.S. government to guard a payroll shipment to Denver via an Empire Rail train...

    Times I can play are Thursdays and some Sundays after 4pm Eastern. I'll have to take a break in there if the game goes too long, because I've got to help with kids and such.

    Message me here if you're interested.


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    I'd love to play!!!! Free Thursdays and every other Sunday(available 9/12 then every two weeks)


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      I could play Thursday.