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LFP for Savage Rifts game on FG

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  • LFP for Savage Rifts game on FG

    Looking for Players

    GM: Koolaidman

    Game: Savage Rifts (Savage Worlds)

    Platform: Fantasy Grounds Unity

    When: 5 PM Pacific time to 8 PM Pacific every Thursday

    Open Slots: 2 Any framework and MARS are cool. Except For Dragons of any kind. Ones enough in the campaign.

    What to Expect: For the most part we’re a group of guys who love to B.S. and laugh while we make **** up, yes we are older, and so is our theme.

    What we Expect: We’re looking for a dedicated player who is respectable and on time.

    The date is August 103 PA in North America in the territory of Ishpeming. Our heroes have travel to Ishpeming as representives of Twin Falls Idaho. A small industrial town that was rifted to the future just as the great cataclysms erupted. The Scene will start in Northern Gun in the city state of Ishpeming. The players are invited to come to the city to establish diplomatic ties as well establish a trade agreement for their home town. The leader of this delegation is Bobby Williams whose reputation has proceeded himself, and his true friends and allies Kolzanolog (Col) a young royal frilled hatchling, and supported by a mysterious man only know as The Wanderer.

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    I’m interested. I’ll send you a PM.