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Agents of Syn - Living World / West Marches - Crystal Heart [Online]

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  • Agents of Syn - Living World / West Marches - Crystal Heart [Online]

    Agents of Syn West Marches

    Agents of Syn - SWADE + Crystal Heart

    A growing Living World or West Marches community looking for more GMs and Players!
    The Setting - Crystal Heart

    Based on the web comic by UpToFourPlayers, Crystal Heart is technically a Post-Apocalyptic setting, but set 800yrs after the fall of human civilization, so the world has reverted back to Medieval-like times. But there are Crystals and Shards leftover from the "Bygone Age", that have powerful properties that can do all sorts of things to help people, create manifestations, and other.... things.

    (basically they are magic, but magic doesn't exist in this world and everything can be explained scientifically by people smarter than you)

    You work for an organization called Syn. Their goal is to collect all the Crystals from the Bygone Age and get them back to the Citadel. Syn is very mysterious and secretive and even field agents (you) aren't allowed to know much about the organization.

    All Agents workings for Syn are provided with an implant in their chest, that allows them to use Crystals for hearts, which gives them supernatural abilities and powers.

    You can read more about it in the free Starter PDF here:

    Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with UpToFourPlayers by they are very supportive.

    About Us

    We have a growing community of about 40-ish people in our Discord and looking for more. I host FoundryVTT instances for GMs that want to use them and putting some work into a specific character creator and character sheet for the Crystal Heart setting, since it differs a bit from the core SWADE system.

    I host 3 FoundryVTT instances in the US for GMs to use for free, that are pre-setup with mods and a shared assets folder to pull from. So far, GMs have found it very easy to use.

    I plan on using my engineering skills to help grow the community more by creating a Crystal Heart Character Creator, which is close to being finished, and a Crystal Heart specific character sheet on FoundryVTT. Currently, we use (which is great btw!!) to create characters, but you need a premium subscription to use the CH rules and I want to lower the barrier to entry.

    Community Resources
    Hope to see you soon!

    Agents of Syn West Marches
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