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Any Discord only PbP games available?

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  • Any Discord only PbP games available?


    ​​​​​​I'm looking to join a Discord only Play-by-Post game for SWADE and was wondering if anyone is currently looking for a player? Or any recommended sites where I can look for a game of that type? Prefer the new Deadlands, though if anyone's running the new Pathfinder or 50 Fathoms, that'd be awesome too. Currently in an ETU and Rifts game, so would like to try a different setting.


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    I can't help, sorry, but I do have a question that is kind of related; how does one play an RPG by post?
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    I run Deadlands Reloaded. One of my players writes an incharacter blog here -->


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      It's essentially played via forums/the written word. Players and the GM write out their actions, speech, etc on a forum. It's generally a much slower paced way to play (a few posts a day, every day to every other day). Some forums have character sheets and built in dice rollers. I prefer Discord because it has a slightly more realtime feel to it, as you're playing within the discord app and can be notified on your phone. It also has a pretty nice Savage Worlds bot that allows for dice rolls (w. Wild die and acing), card drawing for initiative, etc. It's a way to scratch the itch when you don't have time to play in person/virtually. Outside of Discord, I'd recommend Gamer's Plane if you're interested in checking play by post via forum out further. It can be hit or miss, but had some successful games on there.


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        Hola, joined a PbP Deadlands game as a result of this post, but it ended (too soon) a little bit ago. Wanted to check again and see if anyone else is looking for a PbP player (ideally any of the Deadlands, Pathfinder, or 50 Fathoms, but open to other settings).

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