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[Online][PST][SWADE] The Mysteries of Aurora Town - An Old West Mini Campaign

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  • [Online][PST][SWADE] The Mysteries of Aurora Town - An Old West Mini Campaign

    I'm a 39-year-old father looking to run a short campaign (around 5-10 sessions) in a home-brewed WILD WEST setting using the Savage Worlds system. I'm new to Savage Worlds, so beginners are welcome! I'd like to get a good mix of people who are role-play focused and available evenings (pacific time zone). Please read below for details, and reply using this Google Form if you're interested:

    Nestled in the foothills of the Western Sierras, situated between untamed forests and harsh deserts, lies the small town of Aurora, home to ranchers and outlaws, prospectors and oil barons, and something mysterious not yet explained...

    A posse of gun slingers have been tasked with rounding up suspected cattle rustlers… but are these no-gooders just unsavory cowpoke? Or something more?

    I’m preparing a short campaign set in the Wild West, circa 1890s. This will be an RP focused, story-driven game around 5-10 sessions long. Rather than running this in 5e, I’ll be using the Savage Worlds system to hopefully better capture the setting and genre. Beginners are welcome! I’m new to Savage Worlds myself, so there may be some bumps and learning curves, but I intend to focus on character and atmosphere to make things fun and engaging while we all learn.

    I know Savage Worlds has a popular DeadLands module, but I should clarify it’s not my intention to run that Weird West setting. There will definitely be strange happenings and possible paranormal mysteries, but no steampunk, magic hucksters or undead monsters. In short, the players and NPCs are living with the beliefs and expectations of the real west... but things might get strange as the story progresses.

    I should also clarify that this does not mean I’m running a historical simulation. This setting is an amalgam of sights and sounds, stories and scenery that I find interesting in the era.

    SPECIFICS: The game will be run in the evenings, PST, around 8:30 to midnight. Being pacific time zone, I know this will be difficult for a lot of people, but as a father this is the only free time I have. This will be a weekly game on either Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (to be determined based on everyone’s availability).

    I’m looking for role-play focused players. The game will include some combat, of course, but the Savage Worlds system is more lethal than D&D. Like the real world, you should really think twice before pulling your gun on someone. Even if you succeed, you might have to contend with the aftermath of lawmen and find yourself in a noose.

    I’m also looking for players who don’t meta game. There’s a premise in this campaign that may become fairly obvious to some people, and I hope to find players that can keep it in-character and enjoy the journey of the story while we're playing rather than spoiling it for others or breaking the immersion.

    I’ll be using Roll20 and Discord for voice & video. Players should have a good mic and video setup. I’ll be having a session zero in about two weeks when we can go over more rules and questions, but all the basic good-human-being stuff is absolutely required. I want a friendly table, LGBTQ friendly, mature and reliable.

    If you have any questions for me, let me know. I might not have a chance to respond until evenings, but I’ll definitely try to get back to everyone. I’ll keep the player “applications” going for a few days before making any final decisions. Thanks for your interest!