Hi all,

I'm looking to play a SWADE Deadlands game or two (although I wouldn't be opposed to any other SWADE setting either, but I love the Deadlands lore). I'd even be up for a full campaign or more!
I'm good with either remote or face-to-face.
Adulthood and families have split up the gaming groups I had been part of and so I'm now looking for a group.
About me:
I live in SW/S. Central Wisconsin. I'm older, with a job, wife and kids, so my playtime is limited to mostly Weds., Thurs, OR Friday evenings until 7:30/8ish pm (central), at which point I'd either need to take a break to help with the children, or stop for the night.
The largest city I'm close to is Madison (roughly 45 minutes away).

I haven't played a tabletop RPG in a long time and I'm new to Savage Worlds (or I'd be offering to run games). I do have experience with RPGs, I used to run games in AD&D all the way through 3.5 edition, and played a few games of Classic Deadlands back in the 90's (sadly, I no longer have the source books for it though), but nothing terribly recent.

Please PM me if anyone needs a player. I'd even be willing to GM a game after a few sessions of getting more familiar with the games.