Jusqu'au bout de la route

Dakar 2095. Global warming, nuclear fallout and genetic horrors have ravaged the environment. A group of scientists, technicians and other professionals are desperately trying to save the last Atlantic Humpback Dolphin pods. The campaign will start with combating poaching, pollution and unethical fishing practices, but will as soon as possible center on the character’s backstories and development.

System: SWADE, Interface Zero 3.0
Platform: Discord and Google for now. Eventually the game will move to Discord and Foundry.
Availability: 4.
Time (there is two groups playing now):
  • Weekly on Thursdays, 5:30 PM CDT.
  • Weekly on Fridays, 22:00 CEST.
Duration: 2½ hours
  • The games will be recorded and eventually uploaded on youtube, so you will need to be OK with that.
  • You must have good audio and must use push to talk.
  • All art must be approved by the GM.
  • No human rights violations or war crimes committed by player characters. Note that all sentient entities are considered human with regards to this point.
  • You will need to acquire the books by yourself (only the SWADE and Interface Zero 3.0 Players Guide are needed at the moment).