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LFP1 - Wednesday(6:30pm EST) - Fantasy Grounds

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  • LFP1 - Wednesday(6:30pm EST) - Fantasy Grounds

    When: Every Wednesday 6:30pm EST to 9:30pm EST

    Where: Fantasy Grounds

    What: Various Settings Including Deadlands, Hellfrost, Beasts & Barbarians, Suzerain, The Last Parsec, Hell on Earth, The After, Rippers Resurrected, East Texas University, Monster Hunter’s Club and Monster Hunter International.

    Adventure Length: We like to keep it to 4 to 8 sessions, then switch to a different setting and cast of characters. When we revisit settings, we continue the stories of those characters.

    We are looking for a 5th player to round out our table. As a group, we enjoy our roleplay as much as we enjoy our game. Characters are welcome

    Our next setting is Deadlands - The Weird West. We will be starting an adventure I've prepared as an introduction to Horror on Headstone Hill. Players will start as Novice characters and rise to Seasoned by the end of the chapter. Our Session Zero is scheduled for March 17th.

    If interested, PM me for our Discord channel.

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    The vacancy has been filled!