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  • Fantasy Grounds / Discord SWADE one-offs

    Hello, fellow Savages!

    I'm going to start running a series of SWADE one-offs during the week. This will be the first of them if I can find enough players by 8/4. If not, I'll re-schedule for the next week. These will be adventure modules I've acquired over the years, but never had an opportunity to run. These will be one-offs, so you only need to commit to one game. If you want to come back next week, fine. If not, also fine. All I ask is that you don't RSVP then cancel at the last minute. All you need to play is familiarity with the SWADE core rulebook and Fantasy Grounds. These are "one-offs", so teaching new players is out of scope. You don't need to be a SWADE guru, just have read the book, and played in a game or two.

    Right now we're looking at Tuesdays from 8pm - 11pm central time.

    I have a Fantasy Grounds Ultimate license, so you can join and play with the free demo client.

    The setting for week 1 will be standard fantasy.

    I have pre-generated characters already created that we will use. I don't want to mess around with character creation for a one-off.

    All of the modules I'm planning to run seem to be well-regarded, but are obscure enough most people probably haven't already played them. I can't tell you the names or it will spoil the fun, but I will say none of them are Wizards or Paizo.

    Voice will be Discord.

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    Let me know if you have any openings for Fantasy Grounds novices. I have the Ultimate license, and have been picking through some YouTube tutorials trying to learn how to build and run games, but have no practical play experience as of yet.