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ROLL 20 Deadlands: The Weird West. We're Roundin' Up a Posse, Pardner.

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  • ROLL 20 Deadlands: The Weird West. We're Roundin' Up a Posse, Pardner.

    Friday August 07 7:00PM CDT (2 weeks from now)

    I’m Marshall Chuck. I'm in Houston. I've been around Role-Playing for many moons. Deadlands Reloaded is my game of choice. We are using SWADE. This game will be a mix of Western, Horror, and a bit of Camp. You'll get a mix of storytelling, Investigation, and combat. This should be a fun, role-playing experience. I've put together some archetypes as an example. You can change 'em up any way you like. I need 6 cow-type folks to get the party started. We'll be traveling from The Great State of Texas out West finding all kinds of trouble. I promise a good game, a nifty story, and really good bad guys. So let's mount up and see what we can find! Any questions? Ask away!

    Player Name:
    Preferred Day and Time:

    RPG/Savage Worlds Experience:

    What Do You Want From the Game::

    Character: If you have one rolling around in your noggin'.)
    Character Name:
    Cowboy or Cowgirl?

    Concept: If you have one rolling around in your noggin', If not, I’ve got some examples.)

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    My name is Kevin. Im very interested in playing deadlands. This will be my first time playing savage worlds. I usually play dungeon crawl classics and monster of the week. The days that i could play would be the weekends.
    character name: jonah hex
    Jonah hex is a Marshall that is tracking down a criminal that is stealing from the Sioux nation.


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      Howdy Marshal,

      Player Name:AJ is what I usually go by but James (my middle name) or Jimmy works as well.
      Age: 24
      Cowgirl/Cowboy: Cowboy
      Preferred Day and Time: Saturdays any time

      RPG/Savage Worlds Experience: I've played several years of 5E D&D as well as Pathfinder 1E. I've run some 1-shots of savage worlds (SWADE edition) but haven't played as a player before.

      What Do You Want From the Game: A fun and exiting game in the old west. I enjoy serious play as well as light hearted fun. I like more than just a slashing/shooting fest so investigation and rp are things I enjoy. Overall I just want to have fun and help the group have fun.

      Character Name: Simon Kelly
      Cowboy or Cowgirl?: Cowboy

      Concept: Simon Kelly is one of the Blessed. He's traveling west to cary out the final wishes of his mentor and uncle, that is to bring God's love to them whats needs it. He wants to offer gods mercy where he is able and deliver the Lords wrath when it's called for.
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