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  • Looking for Group (Westminster/Garden Grove CA)

    Looking for a group in the Westminster/Garden Grove California area. Ideally, this group will be composed of players who aren't opposed to sharing the responsibilities of GMing from time to time. Send a PM if you're available and in the area. Weekends and Fridays preferred.

    Concerns: I live in a very small house with 4 other people, 3 dogs, and 2 cats. For obvious reasons, I can't host games at home. Furthermore, I will probably ask a few questions to try to set limits for the kind of stuff in my games. Please answer them accurately and truthfully, because I don't want to make my players and fellow gamers uncomfortable, and additional restrictions on behavior do exist due to my requirement of doing this in a public place.

    Location: I will be trying to do this at Brookhurst Club, alongside Brookhurst Hobbies in Garden Grove. The fee for use of that place is $3 for a day's access without membership, $20 for a month's membership, and $100 for a year's membership, paid directly to Brookhurst Hobbies for maintenance, stocking, and management services of the gaming space there. The atmosphere in general there is excellent and the facilities very clean, so the cost is not an issue for me.

    Times: Actual discussion of gaming days and their times can be done via PMs here on the forums, however there are a few caveats: First, Tuesdays and Thursdays are off limits, as I take those days to host games online for another group and to do prep work for both games. Second, only times and days that the Brookhurst Club is open may be set, and those in the afternoon are preferred. Third: We do not meet on days reserved for tactical miniatures wargame tournaments, CCG tournaments, or the open play of Heroclix based tactical miniatures wargames. These terms are NON NEGOTIABLE.

    Perks: First time Savage Worlds players receive a free D6 from me personally, as do those returning to the game after a long absence. The player who shows up the most and contributes the most to group cohesion (the latter of which is determined by a vote) will be given first pick of pregens and character roles or concepts. There is also an voluntary fund that players can contribute $1 to on any gameday. If this fund is contributed to, then the players will be asked to vote on who gets it based on their need and actions so far within the group.

    Campaigns: I have a wide array of genres I enjoy running or playing, covering almost every form of fiction or roleplaying and a large array of possible setting tones. While the first game run will likely be a one-shot (to get a feel for the players), any long term campaigns will be based on genre suggestions created using the elements and base genres and combinations thereof presented on paper as options, or will be presented by me personally as options to the players alongside such offerings.... the actual one played wil be voted on, and in the event of a tie the GM gets the tie-breaking vote. Most campaigns will be built to be able to be started and stopped at plot arc completion, and with a clear and permanent end in mind that offers a fitting and satisfying conclusion.
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    This post has been updated to represent new information, and offer a full array of information about the group to be joined.

    Note: Remember to express your interest in the thread or in private messages, not via status or visitor messages.


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      Sounds good to me. I am up in Anaheim. Would like to meet and see how it goes.


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        I have sent a PM discussing times and days. I am intending to do this weekly.


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          Due to personal issues caused by a member of my family's actions towards a local game shop six months ago, I will be cancelling this listing for the foreseeable future.

          Please do not go to Brookhurst Hobbies expecting me to be present. I will not be.
          Please do not try to schedule a game with me elsewhere in any real world location in southern california, I can't be bothered to get my hopes up again.
          Please do not try to convince me otherwise, it will be a waste of time.
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