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Looking for Players! Save Worlds + Interface Zero 3.0 - Cyberpunk Campaign

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  • Looking for Players! Save Worlds + Interface Zero 3.0 - Cyberpunk Campaign

    Hi. I am new here! looking for a group of players (3 to start. Up to 4) to run a **Cyberpunk** warfare game.

    Setting will be on the far east of Russia, to fight the insurgency war against the rising Mandarinate of China. The story happens as a prequel of another game I am running.

    System will be Interface Zero 3.0 - Savage Worlds. For those who never played, it is easy to learn, hard to grasp but a lot of fun.

    Style of game is: - take it seriously but have fun (no atmosphere breaking) - mix of roleplaying and combat with tactical maps (although keeping the pace fast) - I use background music and inspirational scenery and artwork to inspire creativity - 3 hour sessions. Depending on how fun things go, initially the game will be mission-oriented. If commitment gets along, a campaign-story may spawn.

    Quality: I have mastered a bunch of Shadowrun and Interface Zero games in the past, though I am not a rules mechanics expert.

    When: Once a week Monday to Fridays - between 6PM and 2AM Berlin-time (CET) to be decided based on interested people.

    Where: Discord as communication, Astral Tabletop as gaming platform

    A little bit more of description:
    The idea is to play an insurgency operation against the Mandarinate forces, which are annexing various regions and cities under their control in the South East Pacific. Some of them they annex pacifically, some others with fairly bit more of resistance and aggressively.

    The trigger of our game begins when the Mandarinate (a coalition of corporate-oriented ministries) starting to mess around with Russia, by taking some regions in the Syberia and some coastal cities on the South East. A corrupt and weak government is not doing anything about it so some affected factions are taking hands on their own.

    As for the reasons, it is part of the game, but rumors have it that Mandarinate corporations are selling out some of these territories to geo-terraforming corporations that are experimenting with top-notch tech, in a climate-changing sea-raising Pacific.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	vladivostok_final_1.png Views:	8 Size:	2.75 MB ID:	39836

    Players are going to be part of one (or more) of the divided resistance factions. Although it sounds very combat oriented, the insurgency battle happens by making arrangements, deals, hacking and other various skills, so no reason to think everyone has to be a soldier.

    Player list so far:
    • lomanjax
    • zneifert
    • -
    • (optional 4th player)

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