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  • [Online] Necropolis 2350

    Closed for applications at the moment.

    We are playing the main campaign of the Necropolis 2350 setting. Necropolis is set in the 24th century on the planet of Sulus. Where humanity's last population is trying to survive a war against the Rephaim and their undead. Humanity is mostly governed by a futuristic fictional religion called The Third Reformation Church. They have imposed a militarist theocratic totalitarian regime and oppose the advances of the Rephaim with the might of their Holy Knights, the Ordo Sacri.

    Our group is a squad of the “Impaler” knights, a so called “Lance”, who are deeply involved with the latest military campaign to try and liberate New Budapest from the Rephaim. We have played one third of the missions from the campaign and we are in need of some reinforcements .

    If you find this interesting take a look at the LFG page on roll20 where there is more information and where you can apply.

    System: Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

    Setting: Necropolis 2350, Plot Point Campaign[/s]

    Timeslot: Fri 11:00 CDT; duration 2½ - 3 hours

    Platform: Roll20, discord (good mike is a requirement)

    NOTE! Games will be captured and published on youtube
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    Originally posted by lomanjax
    We are half way through the campaign now and we need some more recruits

    I'm interested. What are the PCS? Do you have any roles that need to be taken care of? I was thinking of making a Battle Nun for the game, using Storn's awesome art below:

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