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    Greetings, some decades ago I was fortunate enough to watch the BBC tv series Survivors and fell in love with the concept behind it. The show was brought back for a updated version and was almost as entertaining as the first go around. I recently watched it again on YT and decided that SW is a great way to experience everything the show covered and more. So I've decided to start the recruiting process to set up a proper campaign and this is my first stop. Many of the episodes were written by Terry Nation. If you haven't heard of Terry, just search him up and you will see his story telling prowess in such shows as Blakes 7, Doctor Who etc.

    While I have enjoyed SW as a player, it was some time ago and certainly before SWADE. Further it was only as a player. So I'm rusty of the ruleset but I reckon that isn't a problem.
    I have plenty of GM experience in D&D so that won't be an issue, but perhaps getting up to speed on how things work on SW is first on my list.

    I have an ultimate license on Fantasy Grounds and recently kickstarted their unity campaign, just as I backed the SWADE campaign as well.
    I've already purchased the vanilla license on FG as well.
    I live in East Asia so a convenient time might prove to be a challenge but my current 5e campaign has players from North America, Middle East & East Asia so it is possible to have a truly global group of players. What is more important is a desire to get into deep dramatic challenges that is Survivors.
    I'm currently DMing a 5e campaign and playing in 2 other games on alternate sundays so time is a bit of a premium but I reckon we make time for what is important and I truly want to bring Survivors to life.

    I'm looking for some folks who are either interested or ideally loved the survivor series. Have experience playing in SW and want to help make a great community of online players who enjoy playing as well as getting to know each other a little better.

    You can also find me on the FG forums under donpaulo as well. I check in there on a more frequent basis.

    I hope to hear from at least a few like minded folks who are interested in the idea. Who knows maybe we can all take turns GM together and help build a world up from nothing. I am willing to GM the entire thing if need be however. The series really hit a soft spot for me and I very motivated to bring it to life in a Savage World sense anyway

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