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[Face to Face] Any desert savages in Yuma, AZ?

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  • [Face to Face] Any desert savages in Yuma, AZ?

    My wife and I are both Savages who live in the Yuma, AZ area. We would like to start a group and do some playing. Probably start with one-shots and then maybe move into a campaign if everybody is clicking.

    We have two babies and nobody to help us watch them because we are still pretty new to the area. So we would want to play on weeknights after they are in bed (about 7:00 PM) at our house. Looking to play about 3-4 hours for a session.

    We are both capable GMing, but we also like to play. We both especially like modern horror/urban fantasy type settings (ETU, etc). We are pretty easy going; we just like to play the game maybe with a few house rules and ensure everybody has fun.

    If that sounds like something you are interested in, then shoot me an email or PM. Thanks!!!

    ETA: We do have two indoor cats, but we can ensure they will leave us alone to play. Also, we have a good sized kitchen table. Old-school and made out of wood, so dice bounce really good!
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    Tuscon is where I live