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[Online] Looking to learn/play Savage Worlds

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  • [Online] Looking to learn/play Savage Worlds

    I'm looking for an online group willing to help teach me how to play Savage Worlds and to have fun with it. I'd learn towards learning via Discord with Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds or whatever way people think is best. I live in a rural area where there are no local gaming groups and so my only option for gaming is online. I used to run/playing Star Wars D6 and Unisystem via IRC back in the day. So if anyone wants to help me out or has advice about playing online, drop a message here.

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    Did you see the post to this same forum by Redsven? His Roll20/Discord group had their first session last evening (Monday, 2/18).

    [NOTE: I intended to "be" there myself, but woke up sick and spent the whole day in a haze, so I complete forgot about it.]


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      Also, what area are you from? There may be Savages around you.