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Hell On Earth - Windsor, Connecticut

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  • Hell On Earth - Windsor, Connecticut

    If you've been here, you know what I mean! ;-)

    We are just a couple of Sessions into Worm's Turn, and applying to the SWADE rules where-ever applicable, plus the infamous Mutation Deck. There's a Bookworm Librarian mutey who lives by the code of Batman, a Gunslinger and his older sister who hasn't aged since a few years after the Bombs dropped (Two PCs and a group-NPC). Characters are about 3 advances in. Starting character would be the same number of advances as everybody else (plenty of room for backstory). Just in the PPC, the base of operations is Junkyard (Salt Lake City). As it's the Wasteland, you can come from anywhere!

    We meet twice a month, one Saturday from about 2 to 9 (Early in the Month), and a Friday from about 5:30 to 9 (mid-month). Let me know (PM or Post) if you are interested.