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  • Baltimore, Md

    i’ve recently moved to Baltimore and would love to find a Savage Worlds game to get into. I’m not terribly worried about the setting, and once I’ve settled into my new job and apartment I’d be good with running as well as playing.

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    I have a small facebook group called The Capitol Savages, trying to get more Savage worlds going in the DC area. It has been a slow burn, perhaps we can get somesthings going in the new year.



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      I am in Baltimore and looking for a group that does Savage Worlds too. Joined the Capital Savages a bit ago.


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        I'm in Baltimore too


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          Hey guys, I'm horribly sorry about not keeping up on this post, I just added the Facebook group this morning.

          I'm definitely looking to get a game going on a regular basis and am happy to either run or play depending on interests. I'm in downtown Baltimore so parking around my place is crap, but all of the local stores are at least somewhat convenient to me and I've spoken to a few of the stores in the area and they were cool with hosting if I could drum up a group.

          As far as running games, setting wise I have and am good with running all three Deadlands settings, Necessary Evil, ETU, Hellfrost, Savage Rifts, Last Parsec, and Accursed. And I'll play just about anything.