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Savage Worlders in Chicagoland?

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  • Savage Worlders in Chicagoland?

    Hey, all!

    I'm an "old school" role-player who has been removed from the hobby for far too long. I actually started following Deadlands immediately when it was released back in 1998, and have a nearly complete collection of all of the original material, and I've recently been introduced (through the forums on various sites, YouTube videos, etc.) to Savage Worlds.

    I'm itching to meet folks in the area who also play - I've checked out my local game stores, but it seems that most of them are focused almost exclusively on Magic: The Gathering, with occasional forays into D&D5e, but squat when it comes to anything else.

    Anyone here on the forums in the Chicagoland area? I've recently relocated to Buffalo Grove from the Woodridge area, but I'd love to meet any/all folks in the vicinity.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I suppose I'll take that as a "no", then. Seems odd - there were 52 Chicagoland backers for the SWADE Kickstarter. I figured at least a couple of them might visit the forums.


    Guess I'll have to swallow my excitement and pick up a 5e PHB if I want any sort of real-life social gaming.


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      Hi, Tatterdemalion. I run a game every Monday (with a few exceptions) at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect. We've been playing for almost two years, mostly Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG published adventures. We've played Savage Worlds a few times and are currently playing Mutant Crawl Classics RPG.

      What're you looking to play?



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        `Jeff -

        Thanks for responding! I know Games Plus pretty well - I used to haunt it regularly in my 20s, and recently stopped in for the first time in years, but it looked like the event schedule was primarily card or war games.

        Honestly, I'm fairly open-minded when it comes to games - especially given the lack of selection. I mean, any game in a storm, right? *laugh*

        I'm a long-time Deadlands fan, and recent convert to Savage Worlds - a lot of the published settings interest me, as does the idea of a homebrew. I have no experience with Dungeon Crawl or Mutant Crawl Classics - the closest I can probably claim is AD&D 2e, which was one of my first games (after my teenage love for Neuromancer introduced me to Shadowrun).

        Would you mind telling me more about your group, or any other tabletop role-playing that goes on at the store that you're aware of?




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          Our regular table is six players plus one judge (me), sometimes someone will miss a session because of work or whatnot. We vary in age from mid-20s to early 50s (this is my best guess), most of us are experienced roleplaying gamers, a couple of us this is their first game. This is my first time judging although I've been doing it now for about two years including a few con games.

          I run published adventures, improvising and handwaving when necessary. We play an episodic campaign: different adventures with the same characters. If someone drops in for a game I'll bring them in in the interest of fun versus in the interest of strict story continuity.

          There's a D&D Adventurers League game that runs the same night (Monday) as I do as well as a Pathfinder (I think) game. I see both groups when I'm there to run.

          We should be finishing an adventure in the first hour of our session tonight and starting a new adventure right after. I do my best to start at 6 PM and we usually finish at 10 PM. Tonight will be our third session of Mutant Crawl Classics RPG; we're still feeling it out, seeing if we like it.



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            Hi Brian,

            (Sorry it took me a while to see your post about this on that other forum).

            I run a Savage Worlds games at the Sulzer Regional Library in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago on some Wednesdays. We only have one game in December because of staff vacations, but starting in January the game will run 2x/ month.

            Next game is December 12. It's always 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

            So far we've been doing one-shots. It's a fairly new program; may start running campaigns once a regular group is established.



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              I've over in Andersonville. I'm in a biweekly V:M20th game on Saturday evenings, but I'm interested in trying another gaming group doing SW.


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                Hi, all -

                Thanks for the responses! Glad to see there are others out here, after all!

                I recently just found another fellow on Facebook, as well. In the interests of trying to "boost the signal", so to speak, I've formed a group for Chicagoland Savage Worlds fans on Facebook as of today.

                Obviously, it's brand new, but I'm posting about it in the official FB group, on Twitter, here, etc, to try to draw folks in. If you're a Savage Worlds fan, please join!