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    Hey, I am looking for one more player. Preferably female to join us as we play the Campaign for Rippers. If you are interested give me a post about yourself either here or here:

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    Well, unfortunately, I am male, so I miss the mark on that particular aim. I'm 31 and have worked retail most of my life. I'm going back to school to become an electrical engineer and have always sort of been into that sort of thing. Rippers was my introduction to Savage Worlds, but it has been a while since I have played in the setting. Most of my experience with the system has been one shots or short lived play by post games. I can understand that this doesn't seem like a glowing list of traits for someone, but it seemed better to be honest about the experience rather than give false hope. I've played plenty of other systems in games of varying length. That has given me some insight into myself as a player which can be beneficial. My people skills are pretty decent and I think that I am a generally likable person. I take obligations seriously and will make the effort to attend games and be prepared for them. I tend to enjoy stories, but I disdain feeling the tracks under me. I want to feel like there is an actual world out there where I can go about accomplishing my goals in whatever way I come up with. If the world says it doesn't work because of the nature of the world, fine. But if my reasonable idea is being killed because it isn't the way the GM wanted the story to go, that begins to chafe after a while. That being said, I am not entirely against the idea of being told, "For the sake of not killing the game, that needs to not work." One example of this is the idea of the wizard's tower where you fight your way to the boss. It's entirely possible to scale the outside and drop in on the big bad or even snipe him through a window without warning, but killing the adventure in the first 5 minutes is no fun for most people. Finding out that he had magical alarms up there for just that purpose, even if they weren't there originally, isn't going to suck quite so much as finding out that my burrow spell can't get me past the door just because you wanted us to have to answer the riddle or find the key. I fully recognize killing the story is bad, but if I don't follow exactly the path you intended, it shouldn't be causing me to feel the rails grinding.

    Character wise, I tend to like playing glass cannons with killer minds. Wizards, mad scientists, the kindly old telepath, the geeky guy with his computer and robots, etc. Basically if you can lay a hand on him he is in trouble, but as long as he has his mind he is a powerful force against his enemies. Given my interest in electrical engineering, science and tech are personal favorites where they come up. The bearing this has on your game is that I am likely the try to play a gadgeteer of some sort. Likely an inventor to most who using his gizmos to fight the Cabal. I'm also likely to shy away from direct confrontation and towards situations that minimize the risk to the group. This can rub those who are more of the "get in there and punch them in the face" sort of players. Not that that can't be a fun dynamic between characters, but if the issue is player to player, where someone feels I am draining the fun because I'm overly cautious, then that is something to keep in mind. I'm not trying to shoot myself in the foot here, but the point is to find someone who meshes well with your group. The best way I can think of to give you a good chance to do that in a post is to mention potential places where friction might occur between play styles. I'm not looking to cause problems, but looking for where they may occur allows you to consider them instead of ignoring them only to have them come up down the road. I can understand the frustration of going through a list of people and having to start over again because the person you thought was a good match wasn't. It is better to discuss these areas rather than have it not work out later. Anyway, I thank you for your time and consideration. If I am a decent prospect, I look forward to talking with you to see if I mesh well personality wise with your group. If I don't look like a good fit, I hope that you all find someone who is.
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      Sorry, found a player. Thanks though.