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Anyone up for crazy one shots?

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  • Anyone up for crazy one shots?

    I found my best introduction and fondest memories of the system in a series of ridiculous one shots someone ran to introduce us both to the software we were using at the time and to the system. Character creation was quick a simple enough process that we didn't lose that much time even if we ended up having to make one right before the game started and we basically threw in ideas about the campaign right before hand. Everything was done extemporaneously and savage worlds was awesome for everything it offered in that regard. What I have in mind is less spontaneous as I will not have quite the familiarity with the software and will need to get my own ducks in a row to a greater degree than they did, but I think it could still be a blast and could serve as a good way to get in a game if you are lacking in other options. Nothing will require long term commitments or massive investments ahead of time. The basic idea would be to find people who can get together for a block of time long enough to run a session. if we can refine setting and premise beforehand, great. If we can't, we slap together characters and setting before jumping into things. It may be based entirely on what characters people want to play. We'll find a way to make most anything work. It may be that we are all familiar with a given setting whether it be one published by pinnacle or just based on a movie or book we have all read. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if people ended up using it as a way to test out settings or indulge in a bit of fandom after a movie becomes popular but before it fades to the next fad.

    Now if a given group decides that they have the time and desires to make commitments and investments in the game, I am fine with that. We can spin a one shot off into an ongoing campaign. We'll flesh out the setting and characters based on those things we built when they were just one shots. But their should be no expectation of that happening and is not the goal. I want people to feel free to pop into a group without feeling like they are going to be pressured to show up again if they don't have the ability to make those sorts of promises or tend to be the sort to worry about making things just right for long term campaigns. Chances are these will tend to be rather shallow games with very simple plots as they are being run in a night. If cliffhangers or larger plots are hinted at it is likely just for the drama of that game not something you ever have to really worry about. The idea would be to run them online, currently Roll20 is the platform I plan to use as I currently understand it to be free. I am happy to do other ones, but asking people to shell out money seems silly to me, so free is likely to be a requirement and if I haven't used it before, I am likely going to only be minimally proficient with it when I have to run things. I'm not going to use any of them to their fullest when I am struggling to learn it without losing the flow of the game. One that is quick to learn rather than capable of awesome things might be best.