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    So clearly, SPF characters are intended to start off stronger than typical SW fantasy characters - extra free edge, Ancenstries are roughly equivalent to having one extra edge/attribute/skill points. Does anyone know the reason for this decision? Do people think DnD/Pathfinder characters are more powerful than SW fantasy novices?

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    I do not know. But I would guess it was because they really wanted to be able to have things balance out. While still letting the 'elves feel like elves' so to speak. The alternative would be races without the abilities you expect or even worse unbalanced races.

    The classes also have some trope limitations like armor restrictions that make no sense. But they fit well in the genre and make up for things. If you play the adventures, I think you will find the enemies are likewise adjusted a bit making even goblins a challenge.


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      DnD/Pathfinder is a high-fantasy setting where characters are world-shattering agents, even the weakest adventurer is stronger than an average person, even their humans are stronger than real-life humans. So in general Pathfinder characters are stronger than regular SW characters because they ARE stronger in the universe, and extra abilities and race abilities are a representation of that.


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        That goes with DnD in general too. A DnD character is a champion even at level 1, miles above the strength of a normal person, save bartenders and innkeepers for some reason. lol