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  • RotRL Foundry VTT Questions


    Just a few questions about how the Runelords Foundry products work (I've got the core rules products, but have never purchased an adventure before):

    1. I'm assuming the maps are the same as the ones in the pdf, but are they player friendly? ie. all numbers and GM notes removed (or at least hidden)? For example, the first encounter map in Burnt Offerings has the starting Monster Positions noted on the map. That wouldn't work too well as a battlemap, so I assume they've been removed and it's a 'clean' map?
    2. I'm also assuming all the npcs, maps, etc are stored in compendiums, and we import as needed. And once imported, we can make changes as needed (stats, names, etc)?

    Sorry if those are basic questions. I've got a decent amount of Foundry experience, just not with pre-bought packaged adventures.

    Thanks in advance!

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    So, I checked on Discord, and apparently yes, they are battlemap friendly. With all the Gm notes and such on a different layer. In case anyone else had the same question.


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      Had the same concern when setting up ROTRL in Foundry. I saw this post but was skeptical :-) So I logged in as a regular user/player and thankfully the goblin starting positions notes are not visible. Although the arrow pointing to the north gate is still there. Not sure how/if that can be removed.