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Animated objects' senses [HLH spoilers]

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  • Animated objects' senses [HLH spoilers]

    I just noticed the animated cauldron in HLH has darkvision, while the bestiary's animated objects have nightvision. Is this intentional?

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    I see some differences in monsters sheets in Rise of the Runelord too. In some cases I just think that they changed the entry in the bestiary after that, I think that this is the case of this creature.


    • Simaruk
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      Leafing through the bestiary, it seems that the nightvision ability was given to creatures who have both darkvision and low light vision in pathfinder – most notably ogres, magical beasts, and constructs.

      I'll give that cauldron nightvision in my game... (sorry, sorcerer PC!)

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    I don't own any of the Adventure Paths so I can't say for certain, but generally speaking, creatures in a bestiary are "typical" of their type, while similar entries in an adventure might be different because they are tailored to that specific adventure.

    ... or a change was made in one book and not the other. Just look at the bright side: at least now you have options.


    • aleguarita
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      Sure. Besides, a d8 instead of a d6 in one skill is far from a game breaker

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    I advise the animated have the same senses as the caster.