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Advice on when to Advance for AP Conversions

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  • Advice on when to Advance for AP Conversions

    I was going over the ROTRL books to get a feeling of when to award advances in converted AP's. At first the rhythm of it was clear. Advance after a major part, or after a few smaller parts. That pattern broke in part 5. I had assumed it was due to less linear nature of Runeforge, but then in part 6 they get only one advance.

    I wanted to know what the thought process is behind advancement times to help me figure it out in the future.

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    Yesterday I just (re)read the advancement part on the book and they suggest for a custom campaign that start faster and get slower. This kind of advancement is little different from tradicional SWADE but more like from PF that higher levels are slower than lower levels

    Since you are converting a an AP, follow the level advancement (1 advance for 1 level). If the second book says that it is intended to 4 to 7 level you know that by the end for the first book the party must seasoned and by the end of the second the party must be veteran


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      That tracks. I was just wondering since it was a pre made campaign vs. a homebrew one if there was a bit more structure to the logic.


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        With my game, which is a LitRPG version of SWPF, I went hog wild with advances, though not many of them counted towards advancing their rank, and many of them were limited to a specific category, skill, or even type of skill. i think by the time they finished hope and kobold kings crown they had 12-15 advances, though they still were one official advance away from heroic. everybody is having fun so far. most dangerous enemy so far has been a swarm of spiders.