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Pit Fiend doesn’t have fear ability

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  • Pit Fiend doesn’t have fear ability

    Ok, that’s kinda of weird since two lesser devils (bone and ice) have fear ability. The most dangerous devil, that’s a wild card, doesn’t have fear. That’s is by design or are missing?

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    BigMike ? (He's the line developer for PFSW)


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    He should have Fear (-2). I will pass this on so it gets corrected in an update. Sorry about that and thanks for pointing it out.


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      Looking at the Pathfinder stats, the only Devil in Bestiary 1 that has a fear ability is the Barbed Devil, and it only has a chance to affect someone after the Devil has hit them. No Devils have a "fear affect for anyone that looks at them", as the PF4SW Fear description says in the Bestiary pg 7.

      So, was this just an ability you decided to give powerful Devils? It's interesting that the Demons don't seem to have any Fear ability, despite a Balor Demon (with its Vorpal attacks) being roughly as powerful and frightening to face as a Pit Fiend, much less a mere Bone Devil or Ice Devil. So why do the Devils cause fear but the Demons don't? They are all strange and alien-looking Evil beings from another plane of existence, right?


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        Great question, especially since devils are somewhat common to see in Cheliax high society.

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      Hey Samurai007,

      You will want to look up towards the top of the creature entry if looking at the PF bestiary. It's up near their creature type and senses (like darkvision).

      These creatures have fear auras. Some are small (the bone devil) and some are large (the pit fiend). Rather than an attack that targets someone, the auras force a save against fear to everyone in range, similar to the Savage World's fear check.

      There were several options for how to do the fear aura (and pros and cons to each), such as using blast templates or having it go out X inches, but in the end, it was more streamlined to use the existing Fear rules from Savage Worlds. Plus, on a personal note, I thought it was a bit silly that you didn't think a pit fiend was terrifying until you got within 20 ft of him. 21 ft away "meh, we can take him", 20 ft away "FOR THE LOVE OF DESNA, RUN!"

      The bearded devil in Pathfinder causes Fear to those he wounds with his claws rather than those who see him. Expect him to mimic that ability.

      Don't forget the rules for Becoming Jaded. If you are running a campaign in a location with devils everywhere, the characters could become (or might already be) jaded and thus not need to make the fear check.

      Hope this helps.


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        Hmm, never noticed that Aura listing at the top before. Thanks for pointing it out! By the time most characters are ready to face powerful Devils like that, I feel many PCs would have become rather jaded from the adventuring life, full of horrific undead, deadly wounds, and so much more, but I would still use it if the characters actually witnessed the devil doing something terrible, such as eating a child or ripping someone in half. But I would do the same whether it was a Devil, Demon, or maybe even just a large wild animal.

        If I'm the GM and I want the players to feel fear, I feel a need to say what it is that they are actually afraid of that is different from (and more horrific than) what they've faced before (which is where the whole point of the jaded rule). Sure, I could just say "a feeling a fear and dread comes over you when you look at the creature in front of you", but I think it's much more effective when you tell the players just why they are feeling that way (just what is it about this scene or foe that is strange and frightening?).

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      Originally posted by BigMike View Post
      Hey Samurai007,

      The bearded devil in Pathfinder causes Fear to those he wounds with his claws rather than those who see him. Expect him to mimic that ability.
      hey. This is something that you are working in? Yey.
      if I may ask for a creature, please, Marilith. I just love this demon


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        I can't say what I'm working on JUST YET. But I will say that if given the chance, every cool monster (Marilith included) will be converted for use. Outsiders are at the top of my list of cool baddies.