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P.83 broken in new version?

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  • P.83 broken in new version?

    Am I the only one or does P 83 look very strange with only 1.5 lines in one column and then everything else in the second column? Doesn't seem quite right to mee. It ssems as if the second part of "Pathfinder Chronicler III" should hav been moved to the first column on P.82, everything else on that page moved up, so that the Professional Edges would start on their own page?

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    Can you post a screenshot? It doesn't look like that on our end.


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      Sure thing! And I just checked, it says 1.7 for me. I even redownloaded (I got mine from the PEG Website).

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        A little bit of digging and it just looks like something got borked in the PDF export. Both the InDesign file and the file at the printers look normal, so we'll just export a new version in the morning and send it out.


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          Yeah, with my limited untrained experience just fooling around with Indesign, that was a problem for me too. It looks fine in the program, but upon exporting to PDF, things often got messed up. I had to export and look at the PDF, and go back and figure out how to correct it in Indesign. It became so frustrating for me, I stopped using Indesign altogether, but I'm not actually publishing anything myself right now, I was just trying to learn a new program.


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            Donald Schepis I got an email that the core was updated. Is this supposed to be fixed? Because it doesn't seem to be for me.


            • Samurai007
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              I think you may be seeing both the PEG email (to DL from their site), and the DrivethruRPG email telling you that they have the update for you to DL there too. I always just get it from the original company site, if it's an option, to avoid confusion.

            • Tia Lapis
              Tia Lapis commented
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              I just tried and the core rules are fixed. The other files still have bookmark problems but the core rules look fine now.