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Err in Update Monday the 18th, 2021

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  • Err in Update Monday the 18th, 2021

    Looks like Dragons have been removed from the Shape Change options (a good decision for many GMs). However there is still an example of a dragon in the last paragraph.

    Donald Schepis Was this an accident or are there niche cases where a dragon would be on the table in the future?

    Important Notes & Changelists - Pinnacle Entertainment Group Forums (

    A creature's natural abilities are conferred, but innate powers and Arcane Backgrounds aren't. A caster in the form of a copper dragon could fly and use its breath weapon, but not use its spellcasting ability.

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    Yup, they should better change it to a Storm Giant or something along these lines (the caster could throw rocks, but not fly or throw lightnings)!


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      I do not envy the job of trying to stay on top of this stuff.


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        I can't speak to anything in the future, but I think this is just an example that didn't get updated. We're beyond the point of no return, however.


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          For the printed book maybe, but you can always update the PDF...