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  • Bookmarks in Core PDF

    The bookmarks in the new version (1.7) of the core PDF are... mmm... all over the place.

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    I noticed that some of the changes/additions that were made changed what pages things were on and the layout. Page 83 is 1 big example, where a few words pushed from Shadowdancer III on pg 82 created a whole new, nearly column on 83. While I appreciate fixes, I hope that isn't how the final books will look when printed...


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      That'll be fixed shortly. We were primarily focused on getting the changes that went into the print files updated for digital that the bookmarks slipped through the cracks.


      • Tia Lapis
        Tia Lapis commented
        Editing a comment
        The core rules pdf is missing not only the bookmarks. The page with the legendary edges is missing completely.

        Edit: This is fixed in the currently available pdf of the core rules. Just checked
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