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  • Anyone actually playing this?

    I'm seeing a lot of rules discussion (so far, so Pathfinder), but is anyone actually playing this? I'm waiting on the physical book (I can run an adventure from a PDF, but not core rules), but I'm curious if this plays well/effectively replicates a D20 campaign feel within the confines of SWADE?

    Specifically, I want to hear how dungeon crawling worked, if anyone here has played through Thistletop or Foxglove Manor yet in their entirety?


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    We have actually played it for a while for our Forsaken Lands game. It seems to work really well, though it does have the issue of instant out boss fights. Our game is more Sandbox than Dungeon Crawling, though we did do a Dungeon crawl, much of the threat was not as easily mitigated as it is in D&D. For example, in D&D you have infinite light, but in SWADE it costs power points, which means burning up the mages power points outside of battle.

    We are going pretty much by RAW with two exceptions;
    1) Advancement is super slow, we have been playing for a while. Our first session was December 14, 2020 and we are only Seasoned 3 now. When pathfinder released we converted as Seasoned 1 and have only been granted two advancements since then.
    2) Characters were allowed to take a Class and Prestige edge both at seasoned because we converted before the final draft. Only one player still is done like this so even though we are seasoned we have a ranger who took both Assassin and Fighter at seasoned.

    The thing is Savage Worlds is way more dangerous than Pathfinder and in any encounter your character could be one blow from death. One huge advantage is when our characters decided to challenge a fort, there are actual mass combat rules that made sense and allowed the game to flow, letting us resolve the adventure in few sessions.

    I cannot offer a fair comparison, because I hated Pathfinder because of the amount of work involved and cross referencing to build characters that are not ignored by the dedicated player. While my Priest in SWPF was simple and easy to build.


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      I already played thru the intro adventure "Hollow's Last Hope" with one online group and will be entering Thistletop with another online campaign of "Rise of the Runelords" this week. So, yeah, people are playing this. The system seems to work well for the most part, balancing problems aside (both Burst and Shape Change seem OP as discussed in this very forum) but we are all enjoying the game immensely. I had always wanted to be able to enjoy the Pathfinder adventures and converting D&D modules/campaigns looks to be very doable for decades of rpg enjoyment. My compliments and thanks to Pinnacle. We have been using the Foundry VTT and it seems all of the work on the digital platform has been implemented well. I am also currently in an online D&D campaign and can already appreciate that the combat in SWADE runs smoother and faster, even at lower levels. I am sure the trend will continue since high level regular Pathfinder/D&D games can turn into slogfests. I have no such fear of this happening in Pathfinder for Savage Worlds. As far as replicating D20 Combat it keeps all the good stuff (translated to SWADE) and is truly fast, furious, fun!


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        Originally posted by Ndreare View Post
        I cannot offer a fair comparison, because I hated Pathfinder because of the amount of work involved and cross referencing to build characters that are not ignored by the dedicated player. While my Priest in SWPF was simple and easy to build.
        I haven't played PF much but this seems accurate from my reading and limited plays of PF 1e. I have played almost every version of D&D, however, and Pathfinder for Savage Worlds seems a very good translation. Since Pathfinder 1e is basically D&D 3.5ish, it seems quite sensible and I would venture to say it almost resembles an OSR version. A very fun one!


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          Awesome! Thanks for the feedback!

          I'm hoping to run and/or play PF4SW,cas soon as I get my books.


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            I am playing in one campaign (set in Forgotten Realms) and running a small group through Hallows Last Hope. So far, IMO SWPF has captured the feel of the 3.5/Pathinder era in a smooth, SWADE-ian way. I am really enjoying the Fantasy Grounds Unity implementation of the ruleset.

            Left is Death!


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              I have played a few games of Savage Pathfinder and we kick off our Rise of the Runelords campaign next weekend. I will say our one game was rather deadly. Was only two encounters (against goblins). The first one the players walked right through them. The second one had a goblin bard. He put cast lower strength (with the strong addition) on the fighter and monk. The monk was doing no damage, and the fighter was so overburdened and under the max strength for armor and weapons that the two melee characters could do almost nothing. So the goblins were free to ignore the fighter types and go for the two casters. The one caster that still focused on attack went down (dead), and the other focused on defense and made it through. Really showed just how deadly the game can be.

              I have played a lot of Savage Worlds and really like the simplicity (the complication of higher levels in old pathfinder always kept us at lower levels of play). I also love the “non-standard” rules like dramatic tasks, quick encounters etc. We are looking forward to using the rules for a while to come.


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                Not yet. Waiting on the physical products to arrive. (Reading pdfs for long periods gives me headaches/eyestrain.) But it's on the books!!


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                  Waiting, for the same reasons.

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                I am running a group through Hollow's Last Hope right now. I want to run Rise of the Runelords, but will probably branch off into something custom after HLH.


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                  Originally posted by redcap57 View Post
                  I already played thru the intro adventure "Hollow's Last Hope" with one online group and will be entering Thistletop with another online campaign of "Rise of the Runelords" this week.!
                  Update: Managed to get through most of the upper level of Thistletop last week. Differences between the Savage Worlds implementation of Pathfinder (and D&D) is certainly there. At one point, my ROGUE character was holding position in front of a throng of enemies (thus denying them a chance to get to the rest) while the spellcasters and ranged members of the party dealt with the baddies. Our normal frontline members were not available. Whew! Exploration (and combat) moved faster and was very fluid in the transition from the outside environment to "dungeon-crawling".
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                    I've been running my own conversion of the 3.5 module Tomb of Abysthor, and it's been going quite well, I'd say! Very deadly, but that's by design.


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                      I’m GMing it online and I am very excited.
                      played Hollow’s Last Hope and the following adventurer Kobold King that I adapted myself. It was fun and fast create all that NPCs sheets.
                      Now we moved to Rise of the Runelord and the party is about to reach the first dungeon (Catacombs of Wrath). By the way, the day is today.

                      My impressions:
                      * the players can easily break the class mold and stereotype with easy. On my first party one played a Novice Wizard with d12 in fighting and fighted in the front-line.
                      * another played a bard without any fighting capabilities (aside the initial d4 on athletics) and never felt useless on fights.
                      * the fast pace of combat make dungeon crawls faster than PF or D&D
                      * the extra bennie on NPC wild card makes a lot of difference (specially because there is more WC in SWPF than other settings).
                      * the boss can easily be killed without do any harm. Tsuto, was killed by one punch from the monk. Here is the big difference.
                      * the boss of Hollow’s take only one wound after soaks. Still he was killed with one hit (that’s because I rolled a critical failure when soak).
                      * the novice PCs killed a WC Hill Giant in one round, but one of then took 3 wounds (that failed to soak) from a wolf.
                      * one PC just died when he saw a werewolf girl change shape because he failed on the Fear test and rolled a d20 on the table.
                      * the healing is easy, so you can expect the party do a dungeon unharmed.
                      * even if some PC is wounded, the Relief power can make the wound penalty goes away.
                      * I loved the fighter. It’s a class that I never think to play on D&D or PF. But I easily would play one in SWPF. My friend plays one and, wow. A lot of enemies? No Problem, I have Sweep now. A single boss? Formation Figther.

                      Savage Worlds doesn’t kid with the “savage” on his name. A PC can be killed easily by a mundane NPC and the same happens for the boss.