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Bestiary Ogre Mage and Foundryvtt

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  • Donald Schepis
    The folks in the Foundry Discord server should know, there's a specific channel for the Savage Worlds stuff.

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  • rschweik
    started a topic Bestiary Ogre Mage and Foundryvtt

    Bestiary Ogre Mage and Foundryvtt

    I'm currently entering the stats for the Oni into Foundryvtt.

    the Oni's pace is 7 but there is no way to really add a Pace Modifier to the sheet tjati can see, and it is a derived Stat. Any help would be appreciated.

    Okay, there is the Situation al mod spot, but i don't want to always have to remember to add 1 to the pace for x creature... oh that's for running anyway.

    Also, the Toughness mod says 3 even though it was changed from 3 to1. but the math is correct. it just shows the first value taht was entered, i think.

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