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FoundryVTT SWPF complaint

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  • FoundryVTT SWPF complaint

    per the ks page, "those who back this KS...can buy the SWPF CR..."

    Nowhere on the Kickstarter page does it state that Foundry's VTT package will require an additional purchase of the SWAdE System for Foundry because SWPF is made as a Foundry Module instead of a Foundry System. I would have thought that PEG Inc would have followed the hyped stand-alone SWPF rules system over to the VTT space. I am one of those people who came to SW and Foundry specifically for SWPF and do not play other SW games, save Flash Gordon; my point being that some people are coming into this blind (which you hope for so that your business will grow) and not as a former SW player.

    Bottom line: the lack of notice for the double expense into Foundry system/module is not appreciated, and i would not have written this nastygram if it was mentioned on the KS page.

    EDIT: My mistake. i did not realize there were already a system and module for SWAdE, nor did i pay attention to one being free and one not.
    Please Close thread.
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    Well, you don't need the premium SWADE module, just the FREE Savage Worlds system. As I understand it, everything else you need is included in the SWPF module.


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      Yep. Just installed it myself since I wasn't running a SWPF game yet. All you need is the FREE system module (which makes sense - need the SWADE system to play SWADE).
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